How To Find More Time, Plus An Update!

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Always feel like there’s never enough time to make games? It’s Q & A time again! This time we look at how to find more time (or at least a better balance!) when you want to make games but are also juggling a job, a family, and everything else life can throw at you.

In this episode we talk about:

• How to Balance Game Dev & A Busy Schedule
• Ways to Collaborate
• geekBOLD news!

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Q&A: How To Help More Backers Find Your Kickstarter (Even If It Isn’t Live Yet!)

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Trying to get more backers and players ready to support your game, but don’t have a crowdfunding campaign yet to send them to?

It’s Q & A time! John asked how he could build hype for his upcoming Kickstarter at conventions without his project being live yet. How do you keep interested players up to date on how they can get your game? This week’s video walks you through a simple little plug-in called Pretty Link Lite and the big impact it can have on your success!

In this episode we talk about:

• Where to Send Your Fans
• Basic Website Setup
• Tips and Tricks for Pretty Link Lite
• Keeping Your Links Evergreen
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How To Make a Video Game – ft. Kevin O’Gorman, Game Designer & Professor

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Want to learn how to make a video game? It’s not just which software to use – learn how to start making a good game with tools you already have!… Read More

How to Publish a Game – ft. Col. Louis Zocchi, Gamescience Dice [BGG.con 2015 Interview]

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  Award winning game veteran Colonel Louis “Lou” Zocchi has seen the industry evolve from the inside since at least 1959. He’s played a number of roles over his 57+ … Read More