How Does Kickstarter Work?

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If you have wondered just how does Kickstarter work, check out the video above because Gil Hova has apparently cracked the code. His most recent project The Networks has recently funded for a little over $100,000. That’s four times its original goal! Gil shares what he’s learned using Kickstarter as a business & his top method for Kickstarter marketing & growing your audience by putting others first.


In this episode we talk about:

  • How to Kickstart a Game
  • Kickstarter as a Business
  • Topics to Study Before Launching
  • Marketing Your Kickstarter



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Behind the video

Gil Hova has designed four published games, 3 of which were funded through Kickstarter. Gil himself has run two of them through his own design studio, Formal Ferret Games. Both The Networks [🚩ref] & Bad Medicine [🚩ref] were also chosen as Kickstarter Staff Picks.


Get the games

The Networks
[🚩referral link]
 Bad Medicine
[🚩referral link]
 Battle Merchants
[🚩referral link] (published by Minion Games)
[🚩referral link] (published by Z-Man Games)


Thanks so much to Gil for taking the time & letting me interview him!


Read more about Gil Hova on his website


What do you think of the new series? What’s your best method for marketing your Kickstarter? Have a question you wish I had asked? Be sure to let me know in the comments and if you enjoyed the video, share it!


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