How Kickstarter is Changing the Game

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Colonel Louis “Lou” Zocchi is a legend in the board game industry. So what does he think of how Kickstarter is changing the business of gaming? An award winning game designer, distributor, publisher, lecturer, and dice manufacturer, Lou has played a number of roles in the games industry since at least 1959.


In this episode we talk about:

  • The Game Industry’s Biggest disruptor: Kickstarter
  • Steve Jackson, OGRE & the $900,000 Kickstarter
  • How Anyone Can Succeed With Crowdfunding
  • Making Sure Your Game’s Design is Clear



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Behind the video

Louis Zocchi has been widely honored for his contributions to the gaming industry by being awarded the 1986 Charles S. Roberts Hall of Fame Award as well as inducted into The Game Manufacturer’s (GAMA) Academy of Adventure Gaming’s Hall of Fame. He stands alongside such groundbreakers as E. Gary Gygax, Charles Roberts, Steve Jackson, Sandy Peterson, Michael Stackpole, Julie Guthrie, Liz Danforth, and numerous other gaming legends. Col. Zocchi is also featured in Flying Buffalo’s Famous Game Designers Playing Card Deck as the king of clubs.

Lou Zocchi is also a game designer, creating the respected games Luftwaffe [🚩 ref], The Battle of Britain, Alien Space, Star Fleet Battle Manual [🚩 ref], and Flying Tigers.

In its first 11 years of publication, he was one of Avalon Hill’s magazine The General’s first editors. Louis Zocchi was also a frequent playtester of some of their early popular wargames, such as Bismark, Afrika Korps, Jutland, Stalingrad, as well as several other unpublished titles. He helped assemble TSR’s redbox Dungeons and Dragons, and formed the very first adventure game distributorship.

Zocchi was also America’s first polyhedral dice manufacturer. Well known as a passionate advocate of well crafted die, he’s even designed and patented a 100-sided die named the Zocchihedron after it’s creator. You can often find him at gaming conventions selling his precision Gamescience Dice & explaining the difference they make versus mass produced versions.

Zocchi is also a publisher, distributer, magician, clown, and a reportedly skilled hand-saw player.


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Thanks so much to Lou for taking the time & letting me interview him!


Read more about Col, Lou Zocchi’s Gamescience Dice on his website


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