How to Design a Game

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Learning how to design a game and knowing when it’s “ready” can be a tricky question. How do you know if you’re spending enough time on the biggest part of the development process? Even Derrick shares his experience in game design and talks about the importance of playtesting. We also get a personal look at Saloon Tycoon, coming soon to Kickstarter from Van Ryder Games.


In this episode we talk about:

  • How To Make A Game
  • When Is Your Game “Ready”?
  • How Important Is Playtesting?
  • What’s Next for Van Ryder Games: Saloon Tycoon



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Even Derrick is the designer behind the popular Dark Moon [🚩 ref], a Sci-Fi hidden role game published by Stronghold Games.

Players take on the roles of mining crew members, when an excavation leads to a viral infection. Is it truly paranoia when some of your teammates really ARE out to get you?




Saloon Tycoon [🚩 ref] is the latest game from Van Ryder Games, coming to Kickstarter Spring 2016. It’s designed by Rob Couch, co-host of the Building the Game Podcast. My group had a great time with this 3D cardboard building sim when we brought it to the table, and I can’t wait to play again!


Thanks so much to Evan for taking the time & letting me interview him!

Read more about Dark Moon on BoardGameGeek


What do you think of the new series? How much development time do you devote to playtesting? Have a question you wish I had asked? Be sure to let me know in the comments and if you enjoyed the video, share it!

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