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Wondering how start a business with raving fans & create a job you love? When’s the best time to turn that side project into something more sustainable? Thinking about timing a major career shift? Veteran game developer & owner of The Broken Token’s Greg Spence takes us through the startup mindset that created a fantastic new business in the board game world.


In this episode we talk about:

  • When Is The Right Time To Start?
  • How Did You Get Started?
  • What Made You Take That Jump?
  • What’s The First Step To Get Started?
  • What’s The Best Part Of Your Job?



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Behind the video

Greg Spence has well over a decade of experience in games. Once a Lead Programmer on Sony Online Entertainment’s Everquest II series, he found his wood crafting hobby soon led to starting his own business.

Now with 13 employees and thousands of fans, The Broken Token makes high quality game organizers that elegantly store big component-heavy board games.

They have organizers for about 38 games as of this post, as well as lot of other accessories. So what are the organizers themselves like?


Get the goods

Imperial Assault has become one of my favorite games this year, but it’s a bit of a scattered mess right out of the box. And it just keeps growing! As of this post, here are all the official products I could find (these are all [🚩 referral links], btw):



Tons of fun, but it can be quite a mess when you bring it all to the table! So what can we mortal gamers do to tame the unruly contents before their gaming group arrives? Enter The Broken Token organizers:

Broken Token Box Organizer for Imperial Assault [🚩 ref]

I bought this insert while at BGGcon & love it. It was so easy (and fun!) to put together, and really makes me even more excited to get this game to the table.

All the little health & stamina chits are easy to grab and have a clear plastic sliding lid to keep them from getting lost. The figures aren’t tangling up in each other, the map pieces are a snap to find & assemble, and the cards are kept tidy & accessible. Basically, it’s the best thing that’s happened to the game.

I’m already starting a list of future organizers to buy for my other games.

You can find The Broken Token organizers [🚩 ref] on Amazon, on their website, or at your Friendly Local Game Store.


Thanks so much to Greg for taking the time & letting me interview him!


See more about The Broken Token & their organizers on the website


What do you think of the new series? Got a side project or hobby you’d like to expand into a business? Building a business of your own? Think of a question you wish I had asked? Be sure to let me know in the comments and if you enjoyed the video, share it!

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