Lessons from a 491% Kickstarter Success

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How did a brand new game developer have 491% Kickstarter success on their very first campaign? Gamewalker launched their maiden voyage into crowdfunding with Tides of Infamy- and blew their initial goal out of the water in just 48 hours! Designer Jacob Bunting talks Kickstarter process, manufacturing, and how the right talent & polish can set your game apart.


In this episode we talk about:

  • Behind a Successful Kickstarter
  • The Publishing & Manufacturing Process
  • The Panda Games Experience
  • Defining Your Project Through Quality
  • Lessons Learned & How He’d Improve on His Success
  • What’s Next for Jacob & Gamewalker LLC


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Behind the video

Tides of Infamy [🚩referral link] features the incredible artistic talents of John Ariosa (Mice & Mystics), Peter Wocken (Plaid Hat Games, etc), and the illustrious Cory Godbey. It’s being manufactured by Panda Game Manufacturing, who has become a leader in quality game fabrication and an invaluable resource for board game Kickstarter veterans & first-timers alike.

As of this post, Tides of Infamy is reportedly enroute from Panda GM to the distribution location, and is hoped to reach backers before the end of January. Rise of the Gods, TOI’s first expansion, is still in play testing but already looks to carry the strong art style & level of polish as the base game. Jacob has shown with Tides that he’s not willing to sacrifice testing time to rush a game to market, so it looks like we can look forward to a future of well crafted, gorgeous games from Gamewalker.

I just can’t wait to paint that sea monster!


Get the game

 Tides of Infamy
[🚩referral link]


Thanks so much to Jacob for taking the time & letting me interview him!


Read more about Tides of Infamy on the Gamewalker website


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