Game Design & Kickstarter: A Student’s Take

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Crowdfunding on Kickstarter teams is certainly a lot easier than running one solo, but what is it like for the individual members? Andrew Heard talks about his role as a game designer, promoting & crowdfunding the successfully funded Megalomania on Kickstarter last fall.


In this episode we talk about:

    • What is Kickstarter Like?
    • Kickstarter Teams as a Designer
    • How to Know If Your Game Design is Good
    • Process of Refining Your Game
    • How to Tackle Expansions



Kickstarter Teams: What Is Kickstarter Like As A Designer?

It’s been definitely been interesting!

It’s been a lot more talking to people then I’m generally used to.

I’m  a quiet, closed kind of person. It’s been really good to interact with community, see what they have to say about the game.

Iterate and make changes based on what they have to say as opposed to just what I have to say.


Intentional Design vs Experimental?

It was definitely an exercise!

A lot of times just an exercise in frustration really, like whenever you first start out with something.

I certainly didn’t think that we had anything honestly.

It took a lot of different people coming in and saying, ‘Don’t let this stop.’ ‘Keep going, keep going!’ ‘You have a lot of really interesting content, a lot of very funny jokes here!’ and that kind of thing.

It wasn’t just a matter of ‘This is done, this is a done deal.’ or ‘We’ve got it, this is perfect, this is ideal.’

It was a lot of different things.


Refining Your Game

We’ve actually had like three, maybe four different iterations of this whole game.

The core theme has always stayed the same.

That was the part that we were always just like ‘you know, megalomania is the way to go‘. It’s, you know, perfect. We’ve never had any issues with it.

The problem was kind of trying to deliver that sort of fantasy where you know you’re in charge and control and stuff.

Like- oh, let’s see. The one that we had that went the longest before we ended up cutting it and changing almost everything, was a way in which basically everyone was fighting for super weapon dominance.

Each player wanted to make one super weapon.

It ended up being everybody fighting for the same pieces, but that ended up being really buggy because it was a lot of ‘who finds it first?’

And that person gets ahead, and then they just sit and sneer at everyone else as they just fall behind and get further and further and further. 

So eventually we completely jumped off that train and had to come up with an entirely new one.

That was grief and a half but it was definitely a good decision to make!


Planning Expansion Ideas

(There’s) already three in my head! There’s a lot of ideas.

It was interesting, because a lot of the schemes that we have in the deck right now are hinged on the fact that I already have expansion ideas for them.

So basically what we’ll do as we go into expansions is sort of an alt-worlds kind of idea, where it’s like “Oh in this world here’s what happened in expansion one.”

Where this megalomaniac went a little overboard in this instance, or spontaneously there’s the undead expansion or something like that.

So I’ve already got three ideas kind of just loosely.

And go figure, every time we get in a group we start talking food and we have this random idea that’s just floating out there for a complete food expansion.

Definitely we got the starving artist megalomaniac, they could go in there.

I don’t know if that one will come to fruition, but yeah- we definitely have ideas for expansions! Not limited at all.


Thanks so much to Andrew for taking the time & letting me interview him!


See more about Andrew & the Megalomania Kickstarter team on Kickstarter


Have you been part of any Kickstarter teams? What was your role & how’d it go?  Have a question you wish I had asked? Be sure to let me know in the comments and if you enjoyed the video, share it!

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