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In a former life, I made big AAA video games with a lot of big name companies. That experience is a huge part of my life still & is maybe even related to the reason you’re here. This means I have been employed, educated, consulted, interviewed, & befriended by various industry schools, educators, related companies, publishers, entertainment entities, game developers, & others in the gaming industry. I’m also married to another professional game developer. The opinions on this site are mine as covered under the TERMS OF SERVICE and should not be taken as to reflect or belong to any of these other entities at any time.

Sometimes I say nice things about my friends. Sometimes I say nice things about games I enjoy. Sometimes I don’t feel like burning bridges, and so reserve the right to say nothing at all. Sometimes life is complicated and messy and my armor’s too thin that day and I’ve got too much on my plate to take on yet another battle. Sometimes I’m juggling over a dozen different NDAs. Sometimes I might even change my mind. (*gasp!*) Sometimes I am just a complex, falliable human being. This is my site, there are a ton of others out there if you expect something else than what’s on offer. But with that all said:

I do hereby pledge to you that I will never say anything contrary to my true feelings, experience, or knowledge despite any previous relationships.

In the end you’ll always get my best efforts (for better or worse!), but it’s your responsibility to evaluate your decisions based on your own specific circumstances.

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Your mileage may vary with the tips and resources you find on our site. Ultimatrely you are the one responsible for double-checking any and all destinations, facts, rates, places, companies and related locations before you go. The world’s a big & fast moving place, constantly spinning and changing. We must all do our best to keep up with it.


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