World Map M.U.G.


  • Ceramic mug featuring a world map
  • Dishwasher &¬†Microwave safe
  • Comes in both 11 oz and 15 oz sizes

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  • Ceramic mug featuring a map of the habitable world as proposed by Cylindrical Earthers*
  • Comes in both 11 oz and 15 oz sizes for all your pseudo-science needs
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Official GEEKBOLD Gear, with an original design from Jess
  • Made on demand- just for you!


In 1843 Dr. Octavius Grindsworth Longbrew (of the North Tingsington Longbrews) submitted an interesting proposal to the National Society of Adventurers and Waffle Enthusiasts. He maintained that the Earth was neither flat nor a globe but instead a nearly perfect cylinder, with a bit of a ring on one side that humanity had only partially glimpsed and mistaken as a moon. He called it the Megacosmic Unified Geography theory (or M.U.G.) and presented a uniquely shaped ceramic model to the Society as part of his demonstration.

Or at least he tried- for it seems that someone had mistaken his model as some sort of cup to pour their drink into.

Sadly, Dr. Longbrew’s theory was met with ridicule. He was promptly stripped of his membership, his awards, and even his waffles as he was unanimously laughed out of the Society without ever even having a chance to present his findings. Despite spending the rest of his life and fortune in dedicated efforts to prove he truth of his theory, he never managed to again rejoin the Society he held in so high esteem.

Now in his memory, we are pleased to present you a chance to own your very own replica of the model he had fashioned¬†in his quest to be recognized as one of history’s greatest minds. In honor of Dr. Longbrew’s ceaseless (and arguably misguided) quest for the truth, as well as in recognition of his much more successful creation of the model¬†M.U.G.,¬†please fill this replica with your favorite hot beverage. Perhaps alongside a plate heaped high with his beloved Society’s signature waffles?

This glossy white ceramic mug will contain in style your coffee, tea, grog, health potion, unspeakable brew or whatever eldritch concoction you prefer.

Imbued with a mysterious power to withstand trials that might fracture an ordinary mug, you may rest assured that each stately beverage containment device from GEEKBOLD can stand up to both the simmering heat of a microwave and the perilous rigors of the dishwasher.


*(There is a slight¬†possibility¬†Dr.¬†Octavius Grindsworth Longbrew, the National Society of Adventurers and Waffle¬†Enthusiasts, the Megacosmic Unified Geography¬†theory, and the idea of¬†Cylindrical Earthers were all made up as a joke. Or maybe that’s just what the Society wants you to think. You should probably get the mug anyways – just to be sure.)


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